Day 3 Madankoi Hand pick

Today is the day that we start the Hand pick at Madankoi farm. We start off at the Indoor facility to select through some young Tosai koi. Upon arrival we are greeted by the indoor facility breeder Zohar. He has worked in the koi industry for many years learning the art of producing High Quality […]

Day 2 HazoreaTosai Hand pick

Day 2 takes us back to Madankoi’s indoor facility to pre view the young Tosai koi selection. These are the koi we regularly offer in the Grow on koi section of the website. Upon arrival we are greeted by the Breeder. This facility is huge it is completely self sufficient and uses no water from […]

Day 1 Madan Pre Visit & Dag Noy Selecting

We step off the plane to much better weather. Looking at the forecast temperatures will be in the 20’s.  The excitement is over tomorrow we get to see what the farms have in store for us. The journey from the Airport usually takes around an hour depending on traffic as the rad takes us through […]


Israel Buying Trip For what has seemed like too long, our eagerly anticipated Koi buying trip is finally with in site. Flying out on the 26th of January we are the first company in Europe to visit the Koi farms. This year we are hoping for big things with the last few years being heavily […]