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Day 3 Madan koi

Today, our team will begin our day at Madan Koi indoor facility with the objective of finalizing our Tosai selection.

The farm has been diligently working to complete and fill the new facility. The team has been dedicated to the task, working around the clock to ensure that the constant flow of koi can be sorted and graded efficiently. Selecting only the best koi to grow on.

The inventory is brimming with exquisite Tosai. We diligently handpick each variety to ensure we offer the highest quality and most vibrant assortment available. The Pictures are just a few of the 400 Tosai we secured today

After a fruitful visit to the indoor facility, we progress to Madankoi’s esteemed outdoor facility. Our focus will be on selecting the larger koi that are one year old and above.

We take pride in the wide variety of high-quality koi we select. sit back and enjoy our selection of videos showcasing some of the koi we have recently acquired. Please take the time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our koi.

The high quality of the fish we displayed exceeded our expectations, and we owe it all to the hard work and expertise of Guy and his team. Their dedication and professionalism truly shone through.

We look forward to sharing our impressive koi collection with everyone on our website. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to getting these koi back.

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