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Day 1 Dag noy hand Pick

Dag Noy Day 1

Today, we will be embarking on a buying trip to Dag Noy Koi farm on the Jordan border. We are excited to visit this particular farm once again, as our trip in January yielded remarkable koi specimens.

The weather shows promising conditions for a pleasurable drive down to Dag Noy, revealing truly magnificent scenery. The arrival at the farm is met with a warm welcome from Aviv, the breeder, who greets visitors with an optimistic demeanor. Despite weather conditions soaring to 38 degrees Celsius, Aviv remains positive and accommodating, even though the air may feel a bit oppressive.


“We will begin with a tour of the Koi that Aviv and his team have been preparing for our viewing. The tanks are full of various varieties, each one unique and impressive. The tanks contain high-quality specimens that are sure to impress. We are honored to have this opportunity to observe their work, and we are excited to start the hand selecting. “

The initial serving of fish has proved to be quite delightful.

“We are proud to share our exquisite Sanke we purchased, produced with the highest standards of excellence.

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully acquired another great variety consisting of Chagoi and Ochiba today.

We expanded our chagoi collection to include regular and long finned varieties.

After many hours of careful selection, it is evident that Dag Noy has put forth a significant effort to present us with their finest koi. The trip culminated with an excellent selection of metallic koi, which we were pleased to acquire. It was a testament to Dag Noy’s dedication to offering high-quality products and a memorable experience.

This concluded our trip to Dag Noy.Tomorrow, we are scheduled to travel to Hazorea Aquatics for the purpose of selecting the Tosai koi.

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