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July Hand pick trip preparations

Get ready….

Get ready for our epic Koi buying trip starting this Monday ! Our team is prepping for the hand pick in Israel where we’ll find majestic Koi fish with mind-blowing varieties and colours. Join us for this exciting adventure!

Our first Destination

We will begin our tour at the Dag Noy farm, where their breathtaking Koi await us. This establishment is renowned for its vast collection of aquatic life, and the serene environment it provides.

What we expect to be buying...

Let’s get ready to channel our inner mermaid and dive into the pond of Koi varieties that this farm has to offer. Brace yourself, because we may come across some of the most fabulous and glamorous Doitsu fish that we managed to snag in January. Our hearts are aflutter with excitement to lay our eyes on the Doitsu Sanke and Kohaku that could be waiting for us at this farm.

Day 2

On the second day, we are scheduled to visit Hazorea Aquatics to handpick some exceptional Tosai. These highly sought-after fish are frequently showcased in our grow-on koi segment. Our breeder, Idan, has provided us with a preview of the specimens we can Select from during our visit. We look forward to having an extensive variety.


Hazorea breeders have reported great success in their recent spawnings of the highly coveted Doitsu Showa Sanke. Using new sets of parents, they have managed to produce an impressive 30,000 fry. This achievement showcases their expertise in breeding and selecting high-quality koi fish. We were sent a teaser of the pond with the Doitsu Showa Sanke fry.

Day 3.

On our third day, we’re delighted to announce our visit to Madankoi, one of the most highly anticipated koi farms. We’re excited to explore the wide range of options available to us. Our gracious hosts, Guy and Zohar, have been working tirelessly to prepare some truly extraordinary koi for our selection. We’ve been informed that the koi we’ll be choosing from come directly from the grow on ponds, so we can anticipate some remarkable specimens.

Day 4

On our final day, we will be visiting the farm we have been building a strong relationship with over the past few years. We are excited to visit The Fancy Goldfish Farm to acquire high-quality breeds such as Orandas, Ryukins, Ranchus among other breeds. This is an important trip for us, as we aim to maintain the hjigh standard we set with our fancy Goldfish in January.

We would like to remind you to tune in and witness the selection of our exceptional fish collection. Your valuable input is always appreciated, and we welcome any specific requests for fish acquisition. Feel free to inform us at your convenience.

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