Day 2 HazoreaTosai Hand pick

Day 2 takes us back to Madankoi’s indoor facility to pre view the young Tosai koi selection. These are the koi we regularly offer in the Grow on koi section of the website. Upon arrival we are greeted by the Breeder.  

This facility is huge it is completely self sufficient and uses no water from any out side ponds unlike the main packing house. This place has massive filters and this huge K1 filter media bed helps keep the water in tip top condition.

Walking around these indoor facilities is very interesting. You get to see the whole process of koi production. We walk past the collection of fry tanks all full with future High Quality fish. 

From the fry we got the guided tour of all the smaller koi mixes that are going to be available to us this year. The tanks are over flowing with koi at this time of the year and it is amazing to see the amount they have under one roof. 

This farm has gone from strength to strength in the last few years, and is continually growing in size and production. We got to see yet another expansion project that is near complete and will be starting to be used in the next 2 weeks. Once this new part is operational it will offer the farm extra space and water to concentrate on some complicated species to breed. 

There are fish every where and the trip back here on Sunday to select will be very interesting to say the least. 

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We felt the highlight of this coming visit is going to be able to select through the High Quality Shiro Utsuri’s there are some stunning fish in this tank.

Next up Hazorea Aquatics.

Its about a 35 minute drive to Hazorea Aquatics from here. We take the scenic rout through Zichron Yakov a small town Located on the south end of the Carmel Mountain Range over looking the Mediterranean sea. Although quite a lengthy drive it is very nice to kick back and enjoy some of the scenery in Israel.

35 minutes later we arrive at Hazorea Aquatics.




Home to some of the very highest Quality Tosai Koi Hazorea has become very renowned for unusual Varieties like the Kumonryu. 

Our first selection takes us to a tank full with and estimated 2000 koi inside. Here as seen below we work with the breeder to bring a large selection of koi over to choose from.

Kicking straight off we selected some Tancho. Always a welcome site on this trip and with the demand from our customers greater than the production will quickly filled up the nets with these. here is a small selection of the Tancho’s we selected.

The Red on these Young fish is incredibly deep and strong. Selecting these fish was an easy choice. 

Anyone for a Beni kumonryu to grow on?

Over the past couple of years Hazorea has really perfected the art of producing the Beni Kumonryu.  Not often seen in the koi industry due to the amount of time and effort involved in the rearing of this variety. not a problem here though.

With so many fish to select it is very easy to miss the most requested variety the Goshiki. Looking at the Quality of these young fish there is sure to be some superb examples of some future stunners.

Attention please !!!!! Ki Utsuri incoming....

With yet another koi not often seen through the koi industry Hazorea have done it again. Selecting through these young fish we started to see some Ki Utsuri within the Utsuri variations.

Another popular selling Koi for us is the metallic range. here we selecting some really impressive  Hariwake and Kujaku.

After a few hours of endless electing we stopped for Lunch. While we had a few moments we browsed around the koi fry house.

Tank after tank of fry lined up in this room waiting for the breeder to select his grow on koi . It seems it never stops here.

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Now back to selecting!

kicking it back off with these Lovely Kumonryu’s . As well as the millions of Small koi produced the breeder Idan has taken a select number of really High Quality koi out to grow on>We selected these 2 year olds. 

Lets add a bit on Beni

One of our personal Favourites the Beni Kumonryu. Beni Kumonryu are a further variation of kumonryu  where a red pattern is added to the base white and black colors of Kumonryu. Beni Kumonryu are always doitsu (scaleless

Moving on....

Peeling our selves away from selecting Kumonryu we moved on to some of the Utsuri. With a mix of Ki, Kinki and Hi utsuri these are simply stunning.

The fish just keep on coming. Bowl after bowl of high quality koi. the next bowl of fish we selected was some Tancho kohaku. The Tancho Kohaku  boasts a pure white background adorned by a single, bold red circle across the head. the other two koi Are a regular dotty patterned kohaku 4 step pattern and a Tancho Yamato Nishiki.

Also we managed to select a couple of other types of Tancho one which you don’t come across very often. Tancho Kikusui. Same markings as a Tancho kohaku but instead of the cherry red spot it has a metallic orange appeal to the spot. 

Another fish which has been very difficult to source in recent years from Israel has been the Ochiba Shigure. Described as autumn leaves for its distinctive brown markings symbolising fallen leaves, on a grey back base colour. 

After selecting the ochiba Shigure we finished off this tank of fish with some unreal Goshiki. We even managed to secure a very rare tancho Goshiki. 

This concluded the Selecting of the two year olds. Looking over the tank of fish we just purchased its clear to see how well we have have done selecting these beautiful Koi.

We have had a truly exceptional visit today at Hazorea Aquatics. Below are some of the highlights and also some examples of the fantastic koi coming back with us. 

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Just as we were trying to escape before being teased into buying more koi. Idan (the breeder)  shouts us over and gives us a opportunity we simply cant refuse. 

He says “wait you cant leave i have some even more special treats for you”. He takes us to the back of the fish facility to show us some koi that were placed especially for us. These fish surpass any fish we have seen on this farm for years. a great way to end the day and visit at this farm. We cant wait to get these fish back. 

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