Israel Buying Trip

For what has seemed like too long, our eagerly anticipated Koi buying trip is finally with in site. Flying out on the 26th of January we are the first company in Europe to visit the Koi farms. This year we are hoping for big things with the last few years being heavily disrupted by the pandemic, this  trip will be back to the normality. We officially start on the 27th doing a round of pre visits. Our first pre visit is Madankoi where we get to see the many thousands of fish the breeder has prepared.
Having been in constant contact with Guy the breeder, we have been sent a few behind the scenes videos and pictures of some of the koi we will see. Here the workers are starting to bring in the koi from the ponds outside.  
After the Pre visit we then start the selecting at Dag Noy. This farm is about 1.5 hours drive from Madankoi and is situated on the borders of Jordan. This farm is the second Largest Fish farm in Israel. With the rich warm waters this farm produce some magnificent Sanke’s and Kohaku’s. I’m sure this year wont disappoint.
This will conclude the first day of the trip. Day 2 takes us back to Madankoi to view there Tosai fish. This is just a pre visit again before we travel to Hazorea Aquatics to hand select through there Tosai koi. Hazorea is a mesmerizing farm with tank after tank of High Quality Koi. 
Idan the breeder has already sent me some snippets of the koi he has been working hard to produce for this years trip. As you can probably tell there will be plenty to select from. 
Day 3 takes us Back to Madankoi again to start the selecting. We will start off in there indoor facility and select through all there Tosai Koi. After we are done selecting we will then move across to the hand Select the Larger koi. This year has been a fantastic production of high quality koi and this will take some selecting. Here are some pictures from last years Selecting from Madankoi.
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Our final day will take us to the biggest Fancy Goldfish farm in Israel. Here we are hoping to select through some of the High Quality Oranda’s. 
Stay tuned to our Blog section where we will be doing daily posts, showing you some behind the scenes footage of our trip and the farms.

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