New KOI 2021

This year is a little different!

With all the latest Covid restrictions travel is prohibited to Israel. This was anticipated and back in November 2020 we got in touch with all the breeders to organize some early buying. Our first of 10 koi shipments took place on the 6 th of November. We contacted all the breeders to discuss our intentions and also give them some indication of varieties we were specifically looking for.

First on the List Doitsu Sankes

Here is a example of one of the many bowls of Doitsu Sanke we have managed to secure. It is clear to see the quality the breeders have picked out for us. along with Doitsu Sankes the Breeders also offered up many scaled and Gin /rin Sankes at the same quality which have also been purchased

Here it is pretty clear to see the stunning deep red and brilliant black patterning on these fish. Very defined and a great start for the fish the breeders have selected for us. Next we asked for some Chagoi.

No problem they replied!!

A nice bowl of Gin Rin Chagoi was presented. Stunning Autumn Brown with the added sparkle of the Gin Rin these are stunning. Chagoi is a fish commonly asked for. The reason behind this other than there colour is because chagoi are a very easy koi to hand feed and are often very friendly. With the genes pretty close to original strain Chagoi tend to be very fast growers. It is though that the fish grows fast and develops almost a dominant attitude with in a pond. They become fearless and nearly always end up feeding from the hand.

Lets brighten it up a little.

The Doitsu Hariwake another of the varieties on our check list. Here is some of the Hariwakes the breeders prepared  for us. The First Bowl with four absolute gems was an easy purchase for us. The yellow on these fish will only get stronger once we get them back in our waters.

Keeping on the Metallic Doitsu theme we also purchase some stunning Matsuba.

These are one of the most unusual koi we do. With there unique scaled pattern down there back which is unique to each koi almost like a finger print no two scale patterns the same. Often described as a zip or skeleton pattern the black scales on the almost luminous colour of the body makes these fish a real stand out koi.


Up next came these Gems!

We almost fell of the chair when the breeders showcased these to us on video. Its clear to see why absolutely amazing quality.  the crisp colours along with the clean white metallic fins these fish will look amazing in any pond. And it didnt stop there multiple bowls of Doitsu kujaku the same quality were purchased.

We then concluded the day with some Regular High quality scaled kujaku.

All these koi and hundreds more will go live very soon on the webpage keep checking as new koi are going t be uploaded daily.


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